Industrial electronics


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Industrial Electronics provides a clearly written, comprehensive treatment of topics in industrial electronics, offering valuable information on state-of-the-art equipment and control techniques used in the industry. Broad in scope, its unparalleled coverage spans all important areas in industrial electronics, and supports concepts discussed mathematically where required.
1. Introduction.
2. Semiconductor Diodes.
3. Transistors.
4. Thyristors.
5. Industrial Control Devices.
6. DC Motors and Control Circuits.
7. AC Motors and Variable-Frequency Drives.
8. Operational Amplifiers and Linear ICs.
9. Digital Electronics.
10. Analog and Digital Transducers.
11. Industrial Process Control.
12. Microprocessors and Communication Systems.
13. Programmable Logic Controllers.
14. Robotics.
Answers for Odd-Numbered End-Of-Chapter Questions and Problems.
  • introductory chapter presents semiconductor devices emphasizing practical applications.
  • examines todays most relevant, up-to-date material on equipment and control techniques, keeping students on the forefront of the industry with cutting-edge knowledge.
  • offers insightful analyses on such topics as the newest types of power semiconductor devices, switch-mode power supplies and voltage regulators, the principles of inverters, converters, and zero-voltage switching, industrial control devices, the fundamentals of servomotors and stepper motors, op-amps and digital circuits, PID, flowcharts, and fuzzy logic, microprocessors, robotics, and much more.
  • features many practical applications, problems, and examples with an emphasis on trouble-shooting, design, and safety, p