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No matter where you are on the learning curve, this one-stop sourcebook delivers the kind of previously hard-to-find practical information you'll appreciate - and the wide range of application circuit alternatives you need - to optimize the noise, offset, bandwidth, and stability performance of photodiode amplifiers. Featuring the insights and accumulated knowledge that could only come from the world's number one authority on the subject, this is no scholarly tome but a hands-on reference - one that provides you with generalized circuit solutions that quickly adapt to specific design and application requirements. Inside, you'll find clear, complete, and largely stand-alone discussions of such topics as how the op amp current-to-voltage converter serves as the basic photodiode amplifier; the role of photodiode capacitance in an amplifier's AC response, along with design equations for optimum phase compensation; noise analysis, identification, and reduction; and wideband, high-gain, and position-sensing photodiode amplifiers. In all, this information-packed guide is without question the photodiode "bible" for anyone dealing with electronic design issues.
Photodiodes. The Basic Amplifier. Bandwidth and Stability. Wideband Photodiode Amplifiers. Noise. Noise Reduction. High-Gain Photodiode Amplifiers. Reducing Power-Supply Noise Coupling. Reducing External Noise Effects. Position-Sensing Photodiode Amplifiers.