Photonic Crystal Metasurface Optoelectronics
Semiconductors and Semimetals Series, Vol. 101

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Photonic crystal metasurface optoelectronics is an emerging area of nanophotonics, which represents a new range of optoelectronic devices based on free-space coupled photonic crystal structures and dielectric metasurfaces. Based on spectral selective features and local field enhancement properties, optical fitlers, modulators, light emitting devices, detectors, optomechanical structures, optical sensors, and nonlinear optical devices can also be realized. These devices can serve as building blocks for integrated photonics for optical interconnects, computing/communications, lab on a chip, and Internet of Things, etc.

  • The subject is an emerging area of research with great potentials for research and commercialization
  • The subjects are written by world leading researchers in the field

1. Introduction: Free-space coupled nanophotonic platforms Weidong Zhou 2. Fano resonances in nanophotonics Yuri Kivshar 3. Fano resonances in photonic crystal slabs Shanhui Fan 4. Transition from photonic crystals to dielectric metamaterials Mikhail V. Rybin 5. Photonic crystals for absorption control and energy applications Zongfu Yu 6. Photonic crystal mebmrane reflector VCSELs Weidong Zhou 7. Fano resoance filters and modulators Yichen Shuai 8. Fano resonance photonic crystal sensors Thomas Krauss

Graduate students and researcher in the field. It can also be used as a reference book for graduate courses