Reactor Core Monitoring
Background, Theory and Practical Applications

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This book presents a comprehensive overview of the computerized core monitoring techniques currently employed at pressurized water reactor (PWR) and boiling water reactor (BWR) nuclear power plants. It also offers a brief overview of the corresponding techniques at research and materials testing reactors.

The book combines detailed descriptions of the theoretical background and fundamental underlying principles as well as the practical applications of core surveillance. It not only provides numerous industrial examples to illustrate how complex computerized systems are able to support the safe operation of nuclear reactors, but also outlines some new application areas that were made possible only by state-of-the-art computing resources.

Thanks to its practical approach, it serves as a valuable and practical reference book for readers interested in the surveillance of nuclear reactors, ranging from undergraduate and postgraduate students to researchers and experts working at research reactors and nuclear power plants, as well as at nuclear regulatory authorities.
Dr. Mihály Makai has worked for 39 years in the field of core calculation models, and process monitoring of commercial nuclear power plants at the Atomic Energy Research Institute, Budapest, Hungary.

Dr János Végh has worked for 34 years in the field of core and process monitoring of commercial nuclear power plants at the Atomic Energy Research Institute, Budapest, Hungary. Currently he is employed by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (Petten, The Netherlands) as scientific and technical project engineer working at the Nuclear Reactor Safety Assessment Department.
Outlines the principles, goals, and functions of reactor core monitoring currently applied at nuclear power plants - Details important safety considerations that need to be taken into account during the design and operation of nuclear reactors - Provides practical examples for the successful application of core monitoring systems in various types of reactor, including pressurized water reactors (PWR), water-water energetic reactors (VVER), and boiling water reactors (BWR)