Smart Grids: Advanced Technologies and Solutions (2nd Ed.)
Advanced Technologies and Solutions, Second Edition

Electric Power and Energy Engineering Series

Coordinator: Borlase Stuart

Language: Anglais
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Asset Management, Communications, Convergence of IT and OT, Demand Side Management/Demand Response, Distributed Energy Resources (DER), Distribution Automation, Distribution Management System/s (DMS), Electric Utility Grid, Energy Management System/s (EMS

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805 p. · 17.8x25.4 cm · Hardback
The latest edition features a new chapter on implementation and operation of an integrated smart grid with updates to multiple chapters throughout the text. New sections on Internet of things, and how they relate to smart grids and smart cities, have also been added to the book. It describes the impetus for change in the electric utility industry and discusses the business drivers, benefits, and market outlook of the smart grid initiative.

The book identifies the technical framework of enabling technologies and smart solutions and describes the role of technology developments and coordinated standards in smart grid, including various initiatives and organizations helping to drive the smart grid effort. With chapters written by leading experts in the field, the text explains how to plan, integrate, implement, and operate a smart grid.
- Chapter 1: Overview of the Electric Utility Industry
- Chapter 2: Smart Grid Challenges and Transformations
- Chapter 3: Smart Energy Resources – Supply and Demand
- Chapter 4: Communications Systems
- Chapter 5: Real-time Grid Management
- Chapter 6: Advanced Protection and Control for the Smart Grid
- Chapter 7: Automatic Restoration Systems and Outage Management
- Chapter 8: Volt/VAr Optimization
- Chapter 9: Monitoring and Diagnostics
- Chapter 10: Asset Management
- Chapter 11: Geospatial Technologies
- Chapter 12: Mobile Workforce Management
- Chapter 13: Smart Meters and Advanced Metering Infrastructures
- Chapter 14: Convergence of Technologies and IT/OT Integration
- Chapter 15: Data Analytics for the Smart Grid
- Chapter 16: High-Performance Computing for Advanced Smart Grid Applications
- Chapter 17: Cybersecurity for the Smart Grid
- Chapter 18: FACTS and HVDC
- Chapter 19: Microgrids
- Chapter 20: The Dynamics of Wholesale and Distributed Energy Markets
- Chapter 21: Transactive Energy
- Chapter 22: Smart Grid Standardization Work
- Chapter 23: The Smart Grid IoT
- Chapter 24: Smart Cities
- Chapter 25: Refining a Holistic View of Grid Modernization
Stuart Borlase has extensive experience in strategic solution sales and global business growth in the energy and utility industry. Stuart’s experience has included a series of progressively more influential positions with Schneider Electric, General Electric, Siemens, and Wipro Technologies, in both the Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) areas of smart grid modernization and business transformation.