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Scientists and engineers have made significant advances over the last two decades to achieve feasible, cost-efficient processes for the large-scale production of alternative, environmentally friendly sources of energy. Alcoholic Fuels describes the latest methods for producing fuels containing varying percentages of alcohol alongside the various applications they benefit, including combustion engines, fuel cells, and miniature power generators. Written by experts and innovators in the field, the chapters address the development and application of all alcoholic fuels, from production to end use. The first section of the book examines the production of methanol, ethanol, and butanol from several biomass sources, including corn, wood, and landfill waste. The second section explores blended fuels, such as E10, E85, and E-Diesel, and the third section focuses on applications of the different alcohol fuel types, including fuel cells, reformers, and generators. The book concludes with a discussion of the future production, use, and impact of alcohol-based fuels on society. Alcoholic Fuels provides a timely and practical source of information for chemists, engineers, and scientists working with alternative energy sources as well as managers, policymakers, and consumers considering the use and implementation of alcoholic fuels in automobiles and other energy conversion devices.
Alcoholic Fuels: An Overview; S.D. Minteer
Production of Methanol from Biomass; Carlo N. Hamelinck and A.P.C. Faaij
Landfill Gas to Methanol; W.H. Wisbrock
The Corn Ethanol Industry; N.N. Nichols, B.S. Dien, R.J. Bothast, and
M.A. Cotta1
Development of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) as a Feedstock for Production of Ethanol and Other Bioproducts; D.A. Samac, H.J.G. Jung, and J.F.S. Lamb
Production of Butanol from Corn; T.C. Ezeji, N. Qureshi, P. Karcher and H.P. Blaschek
Ethanol Blends: E10 and E-Diesel; S.D. Minteer
Using E85 in Vehicles; G.W. Davis
Current Status of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Technology; D.C. Dunwoody, H. Chung, L. Haverhals, and J. Leddy
Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells; S.D. Minteer
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Operating with Direct-Alcohol and Hydrocarbon Fuels; F. Dogan
Alcohol Based Biofuel Cells; S. Topcagic, B.L. Treu, and S.D. Minteer
Ethanol Reformation to Hydrogen; P. Ramírez de la Piscina and N. Homs
Ethanol from Bakery Waste: The Great Provider for Aquaponics?; R. Haber
Conclusions; N.L. Akers
Chemists, chemical engineers, and scientists working on alternative energy sources as well as graduate students in these areas; biologists, agricultural scientists and engineers.