Biofuels for a More Sustainable Future
Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment, Multi-Criteria Decision Making

Coordinators: Ren Jingzheng, Scipioni Antonio, Manzardo Alessandro, Liang Hanwei

Language: Anglais
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Biofuels for a More Sustainable Future: Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment and Multi-Criteria Decision-Making provides a comprehensive sustainability analysis of biofuels based on life cycle thinking and develops various multi-dimensional decision-making techniques for prioritizing biofuel production technologies. Taking a transversal approach, the book combines life cycle sustainability assessment, life cycle assessment, life cycle costing analysis, social life cycle assessment, sustainability metrics, triple bottom line, operations research methods, and supply chain design for investigating the critical factors and key enablers that influence the sustainable development of biofuel industry.

This book will equip researchers and policymakers in the energy sector with the scientific methodology and metrics needed to develop strategies for viable sustainability transition. It will be a key resource for students, researchers and practitioners seeking to deepen their knowledge on energy planning and current and future trends of biofuel as an alternative fuel.

  • Provides an innovative approach to promoting sustainable development in biofuel production by linking supply chain design and decision support with the life cycle perspective
  • Features case studies and examples that illustrate the theory and methods developed
  • Includes material on corporate social responsibility and economic analysis of biofuels that is highly useful to policy-makers and administrators in both government and enterprise sectors
1. Biofuels Technologies: An Overview of Feedstocks, Processes, and Technologies
2. Biofuels Technologies: Standards and Regulations in EU and Europe
3. Triple Bottom Line, Sustainability, and Sustainability Assessment: An Overview
4. Indicators for Sustainability Assessment of Biofuel: Economic, Environmental, Social and Technological Dimensions
5. Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment in Energy Sector
6. Hot-spots and Lessons Learned from the Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment
7. Life Cycle Assessment of Biofuel Production Systems
8. Life Cycle Costing, Analysis of Biofuel production Systems
9. Social Life Cycle Assessment of Biofuel Production Systems
10. Key Issues, Challenges, and Status Quo of Models for Biofuel Supply Chain Design
11. Fuzzy Multi-criteria Decision Making on Ranking the Biofuels Production Pathway
12. Prioritization of Biofuels Production Pathways under Uncertainties
13. A Multi-criteria Intuitionistic Fuzzy Group Decision Making Method for Sustainability Ranking of Biofuel Production Pathways
14. An Aggregated Life Cycle Sustainability Index for Ranking Biofuel Production Pathways

Graduate students, academic researchers, environmental consultants, and engineers in the energy sector in the areas of biofuels, renewable energy, and emission reduction; administrators and government decision-makers in energy planning and management