Energy Transformation towards Sustainability

Coordinators: Tvaronaciene Manuela, Slusarczyk Beata

Language: Anglais
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Energy Transformation towards Sustainability explores how researchers, businesses and policymakers can explore and usefully improve energy systems and energy consumption behavior, both to reflect the reality of climate change and related environmental degradation and to adapt to the expanding periphery of renewable energy technologies. It introduces the reader to a suite of potential policy pathways to the necessary transformation in societal energy consumption, usage and behavior. Solutions discussed include energy efficiency, energy security, the role of political leadership, green public policy, and the transition to renewable energy sources.

International contributions address the range and depth of current research from a position of advocacy for ?energy stewardship? as the driver of this transformation. Case studies illustrate the range of various countries to diminish energy use. Finally, policy avenues are covered in depth.

  • Reviews the interrelationship between economic growth, energy consumption and climate change
  • Uses a wide variety of case studies to support practical implementation across national energy systems
  • Highlights a wide spectrum of urgent issues, including threats related to energy use and secure and sustainable development
  • Contains contributions that reflect a breadth and depth of scholarship from international backgrounds

1. Introduction 2. Economic growth and sustainable development: complementary or conflicting goals? 3. Energy consumption 4. Statistical relationship between energy consumption and sustainability 5. Energy consumption and income distribution. International policies for mitigating social exclusion 6. What does energy security mean? 7. Energy stewardship and waste management 8. International good practices and solutions in the area of energy stewardship 9. Social responsibility, role of social marketing and attitudes of society 10. Small business and energy efficiency 11. International companies and energy 12. Leadership towards energy efficiency 13. Compatibility of internationalization of companies with energy stewardship goals 14. Policy for green energy 15. Lessons Learned

Master students, doctoral students, professors, governmental bodies, practitioners. Energy-related businesses and peer-to-peer renewable energy platforms. Security, growth, economic development, entrepreneurship programs. Policymakers

Professor Manuela Tvaronaviciene is Director of the Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Center at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Department of Enterprise Economics and Management, Lithuania. Her subject focus is energy economics, particularly the areas of overconfidence, risk aversion, and asset markets. She conducts research in energy security and long-term energy efficiency.
Dr Beata Ślusarczyk is Associate Professor of Management at Częstochowa University of Technology, Częstochowa, Poland. She conducts research across energy economics.