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We found 1711 books matching Energy

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  1. Author : Oughton Deborah
    Language: English
    07-2020200 p.16.5x24 cm
    This book provides a theoretical and philosophical evaluation of why ethics matters for radiation protection, considering ethical questions such as harm, acceptability of risks, intention and the...
    Not Yet Published
    Hardback 96.04 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  2. Authors : Antaki George , Gilada Ramiz
    Language: English
    02-2020500 p.19.1x23.5 cm
    Nuclear Power Plant Safety and Mechanical Integrity: Design and Operability of Mechanical Systems, Equipment and Supporting Structures, Second Edition explains how to navigate the various...
    Not Yet Published
    Paperback Approximative price 177.10 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  3. Author : Lee Sunggyu
    Language: English
    01-202017.8x25.4 cm
    This book on science and technology of oil shale discusses petroleum and natural gas engineering, geology, oil shale formation, chemistry and petrochemistry, physicochemical and thermomechanical...
    Not Yet Published
    Hardback Approximative price 139.00 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  4. Authors : Wu Xu , Zhang Jiujun
    Language: English
    01-202015.6x23.5 cm
    This book comprehensively reviews environmental issues related to electrochemical energy technologies. Fundamental science of electrochemical engineering and environmental engineering will be...
    Not Yet Published
    Hardback Approximative price 169.33 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  5. Couverture de l'ouvrage Renewable Energy Technologies
    Authors : Batic Marko , Stanojevic Mladen , Vranes Sanja
    Language: English
    01-2020300 p.15.5x23.5 cm
    Renewable Energy Technologies: Simulation and Economic Evaluation presents currently available renewable energy technologies (RETs), as well as their possible integration into the economically...
    Not Yet Published
    Hardback 121.31 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  6. Authors : Abbassi Rouzbeh , Khan Faisal , Yadav Asheesh , Garaniya Vikram
    Language: English
    01-2020368 p.15.2x22.9 cm
    Integrated Microbial Fuel Cells for Wastewater Treatment is intended for professionals who are searching for an innovative method to improve the efficiency of their wastewater treatment processes...
    Not Yet Published
    Paperback 220.63 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  7. Couverture de l'ouvrage Energy: Supply and Demand
    Author : Rutledge David B.
    Language: English
    12-2019556 p.
    Focusing on trends in energy supply and demand, this text provides students with a comprehensive account of the subject and an understanding of how to use data analysis and modeling to make future...
    Not Yet Published
    Hardback 73.65 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  8. Author : Ganguli Sushil Kumar
    Language: English
    11-201915.6x23.5 cm
    This book relates to the design, manufacturing, and application of various types of Natural Rubber and Synthetic Elastomer Insulated Electric Cables. It begins with the early history of Natural...
    Not Yet Published
    Hardback Approximative price 161.07 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  9. Authors : Pradhan Anup , Willie Nheta , Mabiza Junior , Mbohwa Charles , Buchspies Benedikt
    Language: English
    11-2019320 p.15.2x22.9 cm
    Life Cycle and Criticality Assessment of Platinum Extraction, Usage and Energy Applications discusses past, present and future research works on platinum and its applications to fuel cells. It...
    Not Yet Published
    Paperback Approximative price 155.27 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  10. Couverture de l'ouvrage Life-Oriented Transport and Energy Research
    Language: English
    11-2019416 p.15.2x22.9 cm
    Life-oriented Transport and Energy Research attempts to answer the question ?how to reduce household energy consumption” from a behavioral perspective, throughout extensive literature review and...
    Not Yet Published
    Paperback 145.45 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  11. Couverture de l'ouvrage Energy and Behaviour
    Language: English
    11-2019408 p.19.1x23.5 cm
    Energy and Behavior: Towards a Low Carbon Future offers a succinct introduction to the major disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to this field, a critical examination of evolving...
    Not Yet Published
    Paperback 121.37 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  12. Language: English
    11-2019224 p.19.1x23.5 cm
    Energy Transformation towards Sustainability explores how researchers, businesses and policymakers can explore and usefully improve energy systems and energy consumption behavior, both to reflect...
    Not Yet Published
    Paperback Approximative price 121.37 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  13. Couverture de l'ouvrage Social Impacts of Smart Grids
    Author : Strielkowski Wadim
    Language: English
    11-2019300 p.19.1x23.5 cm
    Social Impacts of Smart Grids: The Future of Smart Grids and Energy Market Design explores the significant, unexplored societal consequences of our meteoric evolution towards intelligent...
    Not Yet Published
    Paperback Approximative price 121.37 € Add to cartAdd to cart
    Language: French
    Not Yet Published
  15. Couverture de l'ouvrage Advances in Nuclear Fuel Chemistry
    Language: English
    09-2019450 p.15.2x22.9 cm
    Advances in Nuclear Fuel Chemistry presents a high-level description of nuclear fuel chemistry based on the most recent research and advances. Dr. Markus H.A. Piro and his team of expert...
    Not Yet Published
    Paperback 242.37 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  16. Couverture de l'ouvrage Biofuels for a More Sustainable Future
    Language: English
    09-2019550 p.19.1x23.5 cm
    Biofuels for a More Sustainable Future: Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment and Multi-Criteria Decision-Making provides a comprehensive sustainability analysis of biofuels based on life cycle...
    Not Yet Published
    Paperback Approximative price 164.00 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  17. Couverture de l'ouvrage Modular Systems for Energy and Fuel Recovery and Conversion
    Author : Shah Yatish T.
    Language: English
    07-201915.6x23.5 cm
    Examining modular approaches for recovery and conversion of energy and fuel, this book illustrates the importance of offering a balance of centralized and distributed energy operations made up of...
    In Print (Delivery period: 12 days).
    Hardback 165.20 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  18. Language: English
    07-2019800 p.19.1x23.5 cm
    Handbook of Energy Economics and Policy: Fundamentals and Applications for Engineers and Energy Planners presents energy engineers and managers with analytical skills and concepts that enable them...
    In Print (Delivery period: 14 days).
    Paperback Approximative price 193.44 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  19. Couverture de l'ouvrage An Introduction to Reservoir Simulation Using MATLAB/GNU Octave
    Author : Lie Knut-Andreas
    Language: English
    This book provides a self-contained introduction to the simulation of flow and transport in porous media, written by a developer of numerical methods. The reader will learn how to implement...
    In Print (Delivery period: 14 days).
    Hardback 109.33 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  20. Couverture de l'ouvrage Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics
    Author : Masterson Robert E.
    Language: English
    06-201920.3x25.4 cm
    NuclearThermal-Hydraulic Systems provides a comprehensive approach to nuclear reactor thermal-hydraulics, reflecting the latest technologies, reactor designs, and safety considertions. The text...
    In Print (Delivery period: 13 days).
    Hardback Approximative price 203.70 € Add to cartAdd to cart
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