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This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the complex, interdisciplinary field of hazardous waste management, with thoroughly updated information on the most current methods of treatment, disposal, and site remediation.

The management of hazardous waste has changed dramatically since the 1960's and continues to evolve as our knowledge of both the hazards and management methods grows. Since the last edition was published (1994), much of the emphasis has shifted: from site assessments to site remediation, from new facility siting to pollution prevention, and from a newly emerging market to a mature market. The new edition provides comprehensive coverage of these changes in the field.

I Fundamentals

1 Hazardous Waste

2 The Legal Framework

3 Process Fundamentals

4 Fate and Transport of Contaminants

5 Toxicology

II Current Management Practices

6 Environmental Audits

7 Pollution Prevention

8 Facility Development and Operations

III Treatment and Disposal Methods

9 Physicochemical Processes

10 Biological Methods

11 Stabilization and Solidification

12 Thermal Methods

13 Land Disposal

IV Site Remediation

14 Quantitative Risk Assessment

15 Site and Subsurface Characterization

16 Remedial Technologies

17 Evaluation and Selection of Remedial Actions and Corrective Measures


A Basel Convention

B Contaminant Properties

C Thermodynamic Properties

D Conversion Factors