Industrial air pollution control systems


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Gas physics. Particle physics. Defining the pollution problem. Industrial ventilation. Fans and blowers. Construction and standards. Determining a solution to a pollution control problem. Cyclones. Media filtration. Particle scrubbing. Electrostatic precipitators. Absorption separators. Adsorption. Thermal oxidizers.
Section 1: Basic Knowledge. Particle Physics. Defining the Pollution Problem. Industrial Ventilation. Fans and Blowers. Construction and Standards. The Economics of Air Pollution. Section 2: Control Technologies: Particle. Cyclones. Media Filtration. Particle Scrubbing. electrostatic Precipitators. Section 3: Control Technologies: Gaseous. Absorption Separators. Adsorption. Thermal Oxidizers. Section 4: Control Technologies: Miscellaneous. Miscellaneous Technologies. Index.
This book is a practical guide to understanding common technologies used in industrial air pollution control. It provides plant process engineers, air pollution control engineers and technicians with an overview of pollution control systems and equiment. Practical tips for recognizing and solving common equipment problems are an integral element of the book.