Modular Systems for Energy and Fuel Recovery and Conversion
Sustainable Energy Strategies Series


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Examining modular approaches for recovery and conversion of energy and fuel, this book illustrates the importance of offering a balance of centralized and distributed energy operations made up of small- and large-scale systems. Coal, oil, natural gas, hydrogen, biomass, waste, nuclear, geothermal solar, wind, and hydroenergy are examined. The book surveys the benefits of the modular approach and where each type of energy system can be most meaningfully applied in the broad-based energy industry and describes strategies for managing modular systems. It also outlines successful examples of modular approaches implemented across industries and by energy/fuel type.
1. Introduction. 2. Modular Systems in Coal Industry. 3. Modular Systems in Oil Industry. 4. Modular Systems in Natural Gas and Hydrogen Industry. 5. Modular Approaches in Biomass and Waste Industries. 6. Modular Nuclear Reactors. 7. Modular Wind Energy Systems. 8. Modular Solar Energy Systems. 9. Modular Geothermal Energy Recovery. 10. Modular Hydro Energy Systems.