Soil Degradation and Restoration in Africa
Advances in Soil Science Series

Coordinators: Lal Rattan, Stewart B. A.

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Soil degradation is a widespread problem in Africa resulting in low agricultural productivity while demand for food continues to increase. Degradation is caused by accelerated erosion, acidification, contamination, depletion of soil organic matter and plant nutrients, and salinization. Food and nutritional security of the growing population of Africa can only be achieved if degraded soils are restored, and soils of agroecosystems are managed prudently and sustainably. This book describes the soils of Africa, processes of soil degradation, extent and severity of soil degradation, and the impacts of degradation processes on food and nutritional security.

Soil Degradation in Africa. Soils of Africa. Mapping Soil Degradation. Status of Soil Degradation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Assessing Degradation with NDVI. Assessing Erosion. Monitoring Erosion. Soil Erosion in South Africa. Wind Erosion in the Sahel. Wind-Blown Dust. Secondary Salinization. Soil Salinity. Decline of Soil Quality. Soil and Nutrient Losses. Salt Affected Soils. Regional Distribution of Degraded Soils. Factors Affecting Soil Degradation. Effect of Heavy Grazing. Ecological Factors. Human Dimensions. Soil Compaction. Cyanobacterial Soil Crusts. Biological Soil Crusting. Texture and Mineralogical Controls. Soil Fertility Decline and Depletion. Nutrient Balance and Budgeting. Nutrient Use Efficiency. Population Density. Social Factors. Land Pressure. Soil Pollution and Human Health. Pesticide Pollution. Impact of Soil Degradation. Degradation on SOC Stock. Organic Matter Decline. Depletion in Arable Lands. Impacts on Soil Carbon Stocks. Soil Restoration. Sustainable Soil Management. Managing Soil Quality. Climate-Resilient Maize. Rangeland Management. Biochar for Remediation. Agronomic Practices to improve Degraded Soil. Carbon Sequestration. Climate-Smart Agriculture. Conservation Farming. Policy Interventions. Economic Issues Related to Degraded Soils in Eastern Africa.