The Wetland Book, 1st ed. 2018
I: Structure and Function, Management, and Methods

Coordinators: Finlayson C. Max, Everard Mark, Irvine Kenneth, McInnes Robert J., Middleton Beth A., van Dam Anne A., Davidson Nick C.

Language: Anglais

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In discussion with Ramsar’s Max Finlayson and Nick Davidson, and several members of the Society of Wetland Scientists, Springer is proposing the development of a new Encyclopedia of Wetlands, a comprehensive resource aimed at supporting the trans- and multidisciplinary research and practice which is inherent to this field. Aware both that wetlands research is on the rise and that researchers and students are often working or learning across several disciplines, we are proposing a readily accessible online and print reference which will be the first port of call on key concepts in wetlands science and management. This easy-to-follow reference will allow multidisciplinary teams and transdisciplinary individuals to look up terms, access further details, read overviews on key issues and navigate to key articles selected by experts.

a. Hydrology

Stream Geomorphology

b. Ecological Function

Water quality


Ecosystem services – agriculture

c. Wetlands development

Ecosystem development


d. Classification

Functional Classification

Classification around the world

e. Biodiversity

Biological adaptation

Biological interactions



f. Theoretical framework


g. Limnology and palaeolimnology

h. Ecosystem approaches


i. Biogeochemistry


j. Carbon storage

Offers a readily accessible online reference for key concepts in wetlands science and management

Defines terms, presents overviews on key issues and facilitates exploration of further details

Enables readers to navigate to key articles, selected by experts

Supports transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research and practice, through a comprehensive resource