Wastewater, 2015
Economic Asset in an Urbanizing World

Coordinators: Drechsel Pay, Qadir Manzoor, Wichelns Dennis

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Wastewater. Economic Asset in an Urbanizing World
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282 p. · 15.5x23.5 cm · Hardback
The books provides a timely analysis in support of a paradigm shift in the field of wastewater management, from ‘treatment for disposal’ to ‘treatment for reuse’ by offering a variety of value propositions for water, nutrient and energy recovery which can support cost savings, cost recovery, and profits, in a sector that traditionally relies on public funding. The book provides new insights into the economics of wastewater use, applicable to developed and developing countries striving to transform wastewater from an unpleasant liability to a valuable asset and recasting urbanization from a daunting challenge into a resource recovery opportunity.
​Part I. Introduction and background.- Part II. Socio-economics of wastewater use.- Part III. Costs and benefits.- Part IV. Thinking business.- Part V. Outlook.

First book dedicated to opportunities for cost recovery in the wastewater and faecal sludge treatment sector in developed and developing countries

Provides a unique overview of financial and economic assessment options and value propositions for reclaiming valuable water, nutrients, energy, and organic matter from sewage and septage

Describes both challenges and opportunities of recovering nutrients in urban wastewater for use in agriculture