Water resources handbook


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Part 1: Principles for Water Resources. Water Resources: An Introduciton. Priciples of Flow of Water. Water Economics. Principles of Planning and Financing for Water Resources in the United States. Water Law. Systems Analysis. Uncertainty and Reliability Analysis.
Part 2: Water Resource Quality (Natural Systems) Water Quality. Lakes and Reservoirs. Rivers and Streams. Groundwater. Estuaries. Wetlands. Computer Models for Water-Quality Analysis.
Part 3: Water REsources Supply Systems. Surface Water Resource Systems. Groundwater Systems. Water Treatment Systems. Water Distribution. Wastewater-collection Systems. Wastewater Treatment. Water Reclamation and Reuse. Irrigation Systems. Water Demand Analysis.
Part 4: Water Resources Excess Management. Hydrology for Water-Excess Management. Hydraulics for Excess Water Management. Urban Stormwater Management. Federal Perspective for Flood-Damage-Reduction Studies. Computer Models for Water-Excess Management.
Part 5: Water Resources for the Future. Global Climate Change: Effect on Hydrologic Cycle. Ecological Effects of Global climate Change on Freshwater Ecosystems with Emphasis on Streams and Rivers. Energy and Water. Water-Use Management: Permit and Water-Transfer Systems. Decision support Systems (DDS) for Water-Resources Management.
This a reference intended to define the state-of-the-art in the major areas of water resources. Issues related to quantity and quality of water supply are covered along with water resource supply systems. In addition to the engineering aspects of water resources, legal, economic, financial, and policy matters are also be reviewed.