Water resources management : principles, regulations and cases


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Part 1: Water Management Principles: Management in the Water Industry. Hydrology and the Water Environment. Water Infrastructure and Systems. Planning and Decision-Making Processes. Systems Analysis, Models, and Decision Support Systems. Water and Environmental Law, Regulation, and Administration. Financial Planning and Management. Water Industry Structure. A Comprehensive Framework for Water Management.
Part 2: Problemsheds of Water Management: Case Studies. Water Supply and Environment: Denver Water's Two Forks Project. Flood Control, Floodplain Management, and Stormwater Management. Planning and Managing Water Infrastructure. Reservoir Operations and Management. Water Quality Management and Nonpoint Source Control. Water Administration: Allocation, Control, Transfers, and Compacts. Watersheds and Riverine Systems. Water Use Conservation and Efficiency. Groundwater Management. River Basin Planning and Coordination. Drought and Water Supply Management. Regionalization in Water Management. Water Management in Estuaries and Coastal Waters. Organization of Water Agencies. Water Management in the Western United States. Water Supply and Sanitation in Developing Countries.
This is a reference intended to integrate principles of water resources management with applications to current water and environmental issues through case studies. It presents a new approach to the subject for water industry engineers and managers who are required not only to understand complex water resource systems but must coordinate and negotiate economic, legal, and regulatory issues dictated by the public and private sectors. Water management principles are covered first and then applied by case studies drawn from real situations.