Essentials of Food Science (4th Ed., 4th ed. 2014)
Food Science Text Series Series


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The fourth edition of this classic text continues to use a multidisciplinary approach to expose the non-major food science student to the physical and chemical composition of foods. Additionally, food preparation and processing, food safety, food chemistry, and food technology applications are discussed in this single source of information.

The book begins with an Introduction to Food Components, Quality and Water. Next, it addresses Carbohydrates in Food, Starches, Pectins and Gums. Grains: Cereals, Flour, Rice and Pasta, and Vegetables and Fruits follow.

Proteins in Food,  Meat, Poultry, Fish, and Dry Beans

Part I. Introduction to Food Components.- Evaluation of Food Quality.- Water.- Part II. Carbohydrates in Food.- Carbohydrates in Food: An Introduction.- Starches in Food.- Pectins and Gums.- Grains: Cereals, Flour, Rice, and Pasta.- Vegetables and Fruits.- Part III. Proteins in Food.- Proteins in Foods: An Introduction.- Meat, Poultry, Fish, and Dry Beans.- Eggs and Egg Products.- Milk and Milk Products.- Part IV. Fats in Food.- Fats and Oils in Products.- Food Emulsions and Foams.- Part V. Sugars, Sweeteners.- Sugars, Sweeteners, and Confections.- Part VI. Baked Products.- Baked Products: Batters and Dough.- Part VII. Aspects of Food Preservation.- Food Preservation.- Food Additives.- Food Packaging.- Part VIII. Food Safety.- Food Safety.- Part IX. Government Regulation of the Food Supply.- Government Regulation of the Food Supply and Labeling.- Appendices.

Uses Choose My Plate, the new health guidelines from the USDA

Major updates to chapters on food processing

An important tool for students of nutrition and dietetics