Practical Guide to Comparative Advertising
Dare to Compare


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312 p. · 15.2x22.9 cm · Paperback

Practical Guide to Comparative Advertising: Dare to Compare is an authoritative, engaging handbook on comparative advertising for food and non-food consumer products. Claim substantiation is a common stakeholder interest among management, advertisers, lawyers and researchers. This handbook covers the corporate culture and strategic goals that encourage comparative advertising, laws and regulations, standards for research evidence, and examples that bring the concepts to life. Of particular value to corporate brand managers, the book includes a checklist of process steps and quality controls that allow managers to orchestrate comparative ad campaigns and manage the risk of complaints from indignant competitors.

  • Alerts research, development and marketing professionals to potential competition issues and legal concerns
  • Provides a reference source for courts of law with respect to accepted industry standards and practices
  • Presents an authoritative perspective, in plain language, on laws and regulations governing comparative advertising, and on worldwide standards governing research evidence in support of advertising claims
  • Covers food and beverage, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and other consumer advertised products

1. Comparative Advertising as a Business Strategy – Look Before You Leap 2. Laws and regulations set the rules 3. What’s the Name of the Claim? 4. Foundations of test design 5. How much statistical support is enough? 6. Bullet-proofing and Maintaining a Claim 7. Proactive trouble-shooting before the claim is launched 8. What to expect by way of challenge 9. Fighting back: Advice for Challengers 10. International comparisons 11. Governing standards 12. Summary and check-list