Educational Transactional Analysis
An international guide to theory and practice

Coordinators: Barrow Giles, Newton Trudi

Language: Anglais
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Educational Transactional Analysis
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Educational Transactional Analysis
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While there are a small number of titles exploring Transactional Analysis in specific educational settings, there is no comprehensive account of this practical psychology for learning. Educational Transactional Analysis draws together a team of contributors from the international educational TA community, offering perspectives from Europe, India, South Africa, Australia, Japan and the United States to explain and illustrate the practice of this exciting development in education.

Establishing a seminal overview that will make it the ?go to? text, the book covers four key sections:

  • Philosophy, Politics, Principles & Educational Transactional Analysis
  • The Identity of the Teacher
  • Educational Transactional Analysis and Schooling
  • Educational Transactional Analysis: Adult learning and community development

Aimed at educators in all contexts, researchers, students and trainers, this book will be an essential resource for those that wish to deepen their understanding of educational TA or are involved in formal TA training.

Section 1: Educational TA: Encouraging infants, children and young people

A preventive and developmental perspective of Jaoui’s Permission Wheel,

Using Transactional Analysis with Children and Young People in Specialist Provision

Snow-White or the triumph of beauty

Contracts in School: the practice of TA in the classroom

The conquest of Silence: educational itineraries

Family constellations work in schools, and its links with TA

Meditation, TA & Learning

Introduction to the second section

Section 2: Educational TA: Bringing out the best in ourselves and colleagues

Becoming a Teacher - a TA Approach to Personal and Professional Development.Relational needs in educational contexts

The Teacher Makes the Difference

School development: the role of the Teacher in modern school

Introduction to the third section

Section 3: Educational TA: Going public, growing communities

Educational Operations: A Transactional Analysis Technique for Educators,

Leading learning

What Transactional Analysis Adds to Adult Education

Building community, inspiring, and empowering people in post-apartheid South Africa

Using Transactional Analysis to be an Effective Leader as an Educator within Organisations

Tools for creating rapport with oneself and others (Keywords with messages)

Section 4: Educational TA: Theory, Politics & Philosophy

Educational TA: A Political Perspective

Metaphor and meaning: resilience and power in relational learningEducational Transactional Analysis: Underpinning assumptions, principles and philosophy

Section 5: Educational TA: A Retrospective

The journey from teaching TA to becoming a transactional analysis educator