Infrastructuring Publics, 1st ed. 2019
Medien der Kooperation Series

Coordinators: Korn Matthias, Reißmann Wolfgang, Röhl Tobias, Sittler David

Language: Anglais

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The volume scrutinizes publics and infrastructures not separately but in their constitutive interrelations, which allow publics and infrastructures to come into being in the first place. The contributions share a praxeological approach, discussing historical and current processes of cooperative media practices as infrastructuring and making public(s). The authors come from a range of disciplines including Anthropology, History, Informatics, Media and Communication Studies, and Social Sciences. Dealing with practices of experimenting and categorising as well as issues of transparency and a reflexive take on academia, the chapters trace different forms of the production and design of various publics and infrastructures. In doing so classic concepts and theories of media, infrastructures, and publics are revisited and reformulated. 

Revisiting Classic Theories of Media, Infrastructures and Publics.- Experimenting with Infrastructures and Publics.- (Dis-)Trusting Media/Infrastructures and Transparency Issues
Classifying Infrastructures / Classifying Publics.- Infrastructures and Publics of Academia.
Matthias Korn: Sozio-Informatiker, Post-Doc im SFB 1187 „Medien der Kooperation“, Universität Siegen, Forschungsprojekt zu kollaborativen Forschungspraktiken und -infrastrukturen.

Wolfgang Reißmann: Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaftler, Post-Doc im SFB 1187 „Medien der Kooperation“, Universität Siegen, Forschungsprojekt zu digitalen Schreib- und Veröffentlichungspraktiken im Rahmen von Fan Fiction.

Tobias Röhl: Soziologe, Post-Doc im SFB 1187 „Medien der Kooperation“, Universität Siegen, Forschungsprojekt zum Umgang mit Betriebsausfällen und Störungen im öffentlichen Verkehr.

David Sittler: Medien- und Urbanhistoriker, Koordinator und Post-Doc der Research Labs „Transformations of Life and Knowledge“ der a.r.t.e.s.-Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne, Universität zu Köln, Forschungsprojekt zur Geschichte der Infrastrukturen und Öffentlichkeiten der Musikproduktion in Chicago, New York und Hamburg 1920-1960.
Understanding infrastructures and publics as intertwined
Publication in the field of technical sciences
With examples from the practice