London and the Politics of Memory
In the Shadow of Big Ben

Memory Studies: Global Constellations Series


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This book provides an original, impassioned exploration of memory studies and the uses of the past in the present. It capitalises on London?s global appeal and Big Ben?s iconic status. Moving beyond this familiar facade the reader will journey around the hidden histories of Westminster?s streets, squares and statues. This tangible heritage supports a diversity of contested memories. The rationale for this approach is that, by linking theory with empirical examples, it becomes possible to tackle complex issues in a grounded, accessible manner. Readers will be encouraged to use this case study as a framework for addressing the politics of memory in their own lives as well as in other places, not just in Britain but around the world. This book will be of interest to scholars and students from a wide variety of disciplines including, but not limited to, culture and media studies, English literature, film and television studies, global studies, heritage studies, history, and human geography.

Minute Prologue

Picture Time Preamble

1. Rock Around the Clock

2. Dead Centre: Big Ben in Fiction, Fixtures and Film

3. Shadow Histories and Forgetful Rememberings

4. Muliebral Memories: From Millicent to Margaret

5. Ding-Dong Bell, The Old Iron Woman is Unwell

6. A Most Abnormal Englishman and a Minute Monument

7. Stop the Clock: Politics and Preservation

8. To End at the Beginning