The Psychoanalytic Study of Society, V. 13
Essays in Honor of Weston LaBarre

Coordinators: Boyer L. Bryce, Grolnick Simon A.

Language: Anglais
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Volume 13 includes chapters on the contributions of Weston LaBarre (B. Kilbourne); Geza Roheim's theory of myth (S. Morales); the origins of Christianity (W. Meissner); myths in Inuit religion (D. Merkur); the psychology of a Sherpa shaman (R. Paul); the psychoanalytic study of urban legends (M. Carroll); and the dogma of technology (H. Stein & R. Hill).
Publications of Weston LaBarre - L. B. Boyer
Weston LaBarre: Pioneer, Gadfly, and Scholar - B. Kilborne 
Geza Roheim's Theory of the Dream Origin of Myth - S. C. Morales 
The Origins of Christianity - W. W. Meissner 
Adaptive Symbolism and the Theory of Myth: The Symbolic Understanding of Myths in Inuit Religion - D. Merkur 
Fire and Ice: The Psychology of a Sherpa Shaman - R. A. Paul 
The Sick Old Lady is a Man: A Contribution to the Psychoanalytic Study of Urban Legends - M. P. Carroll 
The Dogma of Technology - H. F. Stein and R. F. Hill