The State of the European Union, 1st ed. 2020
Fault Lines in European Integration

Staat – Souveränität – Nation Series

Coordinators: Wöhl Stefanie, Springler Elisabeth, Pachel Martin, Zeilinger Bernhard

Language: Anglais

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European integration is confronted with massive institutional challenges. Next to the question of how to accommodate asylum seekers, economic recovery in  peripheral member states still faces multiple endeavors: to tackle state debt and fulfill the conditions of the Fiscal compact; ameliorate the situation of refugees and asylum seekers, staying within or crossing their borders; solve the social burdens societies have to face in the wake of austerity, housing evictions, joblessness, and poverty. All of these challenges are toppled by a growing number of right wing sentiments, attacks on asylum quarters and right wing parties gaining momentum across European societies.

Economic and Democratic Governance.- Right Wing Populism and Right Extreme Parties.- Financialization and Militarization.- Social Exclusion, Welfare and Migration Policies.
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Wöhl, University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna. 

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Springler, University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna. 

Mag. Martin Pachel, University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna. 

Dr. Bernhard Zeilinger, University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna.
Actual condition of European Integration

About European Asylum Policy, European External Policy, Economic Governance and Gender

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