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960 p. · 23x18 cm · Paperback
This text includes information on ATM in the enterprise and on the Internet. It includes coverage of ATM standards, and common applications used in conjunction, such as multimedia and real time support.
Precursors to ATM. From Voice Networks to Data Networks. Transmission Networks, Protocols and Services for Data Communications. General Network Topologies. A Brief History of Packet Switching. ATM and B-ISDN Standards and Specifications. Basic Introduction to ATM. Physical Layer ATM and AAL Layers. Higher Layer User, Control and Management Planes. Switch and Buffering. ATM Internetworking and Internetworking. New ATM Networking Protocols. The Traffic Contract. Virtual Path Management. Congestion Control. Traffic Engineering. Design Considerations. OAM&P Network Management. ATM Layer Management and Fault Management. ATM Layer Performance Management. Technology Comparison with ATM. Future Directions Involving ATM.
This new edition is updated and expanded to provide the latest information on ATM in the enterprise and its application on the Internet, LANs, and WANs, and in multimedia services and real-time support. This book is aimed at network professional including integrators, network architects, network managers, technical managers, and those needing a complete desk reference on ATM.