Beginning Modern Unix , 1st ed.
Learn to Live Comfortably in a Modern Unix Environment


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Discover how to leverage modern Unix even if you?ve never worked with Unix before. This book presents everything in conceptual terms that you can understand, rather than tips to be committed raw to memory.

You will learn everyday tasks ranging from basic system administration?partitioning and mounting filesystems, software installation, network configuration, working from the command line) ? to Bourne shell scripting, using graphical applications, as well as fanciful things  such as emulation layers for Windows and Linux and virtualization with VirtualBox.

It?s now 50 years since the creation of Unix but it is still growing. As Unix now moves to everyone's OS (open-source FreeBSD/Linux), it is the perfect time to start your journey with Beginning Modern Unix as your guide. 

What You'll Learn

  • Live comfortably in a modern Unix environment, both on the command-line and in the graphical world. 
  • Choose the right hardware for Unix
  • Work with Unix in real world settings
  • Develop Unix applications
  • Review advanced techniques in Shell scripting

Who This Book Is For

Everyone who uses a computer ? those who intend to migrate to Unix as well as those who are worried about migrating to Unix, perhaps fearing it is a pure command-line or ?difficult? world.

Part 1: What Can You Do With Unix Emulation

1. Editing Text With Vim and Joe

2. Essential Unix Commands and Terminology

3. Bourne Shell Scripting

Part 2: The World of Real Unix

4.PC Hardware for Unix

5. Installing and Configuring FreeBSD/Linux

6. Basic System Administration

7. The Best of the Graphical Unix World

8. Emulation Layers: Wine and Linuxulator

9. Virtualization: The New Buzz Word

Part 3: Developing Applications Under Unix

10. Advanced Techniques in Shell Scripting

11. Programming with C and Vala


Manish Jain has worked with Unix for over 15 years, and has worked for companies such as IBM, Pitney Bowes, and Cognizant. In 2011, he received the Cognizant Alliance Award (Cognizant’s highest award for programmers) for revamping PayPal’s monolithic Risk Management code for failed Bank transactions to create a static library with gains in scalability and performance. This involved ~10,000 lines of code delivered in C++ (Red Hat Linux). 

Only book on the market looking at the modern state of Unix and recent, relevant technologies

An exhaustive collection of everyday computer tasks and how to address them in the Unix world

Suitable for complete beginners with no previous experience of Unix