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Introduction (1 comm.). Building the data warehouse (4 comm.). Using the data warehouse (5 comm.). Managing the data warehouse (3 comm.).

1. Introduction.

The Transformation of Information Systems Technology: A Data Warehousing Manifesto, Ramon Barquin, The Data Warehousing Institute.

2. Building the Data Warehouse.

Building Successful Data Warehouses, Dick Hackathorn, Bolder Technology. Parallel Computing for Data Warehouses, Mark Sweiger, Sequent. Migrating Data from Legacy Systems: Challenges and Solutions, Katherine Hammer, ETI. Building Data Warehouses with the Tools You Have, Karen Grippo, DBIS.

3. Using the Data Warehouse.

Data Warehouses and the Mobile User, David Menninger, IRI. Requirements for Data Retrieval, Katherine Glassey, Edholm (Brio). Advanced Data Mining, Paul Barth, Tessera Enterprise Systems. Data Quality and Data Warehousing, Ken Orr, The Ken Orr Institute.

4. Managing the Data Warehouse.

Ten Mistakes to Avoid for Data Warehousing Managers, Ramon Barquin, The Data Warehousing Institute, Alan Paller, CIO Institute, and Herb Edelstein, Euclid Associates. How to Make Your Data Warehouse Mission Critical, C.L. Meador, MST and Richard Franklin, CIGNA. Maintaining the Data Warehouse, J.D. Welch, PRISM Solutions. Staffing Your Data Warehouses, Hugh Watson, University of Georgia.

5. Some Case Studies.

The Naval Surface Warfare Center: A Warehouse Case Study, Carol Burleson and David Tabler, both of the NSWC. ENTERGY Corporation: A Data Warehousing Success Story, Boris Bosch, ENTERGY.

This set of essays will provide the practitioner with valuable insights into the process of building, using and managing the data warehouse.