C and the 8051: building efficient applications


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This is an end-to-end guide to optimizing C-based applications for the 8051 microcontroller -- and getting them to market fast.KEY TOPICS:Based on the most popular chipset in todays consumer products, this book delivers start-to-finish coverage of building embedded applications with maximum efficiency. Youll find many practical examples of microcontroller applications built with real-time operating systems and C code. Most examples are applicable to the entire 8051 family, including Philips 751 and 552, 87C50, 517, 552, 558 and DS5000 series. In addition to detailed sample code, the book contains practical techniques and flowcharts for streamlining the development process, design approaches that minimize the amount of external hardware required, and much more .MARKET:For all electrical engineers working with C and/or the 8051 microcontroller, and for anyone interested in maximizing the efficiency of embedded application development.
1. Efficiency and Planning.
2. Real-Time Multitasking.
3. Build Your Own: Scheduler or Kernel.
4. Inputs.
5. Outputs.
6. Algorithms.
7. Efficiency at Work.
Appendix A: Addresses, Phones, and Products.