Computer vision and fuzzy-neural systems (with CD-ROM)


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500 p. · 18x23 cm · Hardback
For courses in computer vision, pattern recognition, or image processing at the senior undergraduate level or first year graduate level.
This essential resource brings together the field's latest research and applications, presenting the field's first comprehensive tutorial and reference to apply fuzzy-neural systems to computer vision applications, such as remote sensing, medical image analysis, data compression, fingerprint analysis, and character recognition. Reflects most recent trends in computer vision and provides algorithms with practical examples.
1. Introduction.
2. Computer Vision Fundamentals.
3. Fuzzy Logic Fundamentals.
4. Neural Network Fundamentals.
5. Preprocessing.
6. Feature Extraction.
7. Supervised Classifiers.
8. Unsupervised Classifiers.
9. Associative Memories.
10. Applications.
About The Author.
About The Cd.
  • CD-ROM - Includes some test images from Kodak and Space Imaging, MATLAB command files for some illustrative examples, and a display program, makes the text suitable for hands-on experience and self-study.
  • Detailed tutorials, hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and proven algorithms, makes this book the first complete guide to applying fuzzy-neural systems in computer vision.
  • New computer vision techniques - Based on neural networks, fuzzy inference systems, and fuzzy-neural network models, goes beyond traditional implementation of computer vision via statistical techniques.