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190 p. · 23.5x17.8 cm · Paperback
The PH Essence of Computing Series provides a concise, practical and uniform introduction to the core components of an undergraduate computer science degree. Acknowledging the recent changes within Higher Education, this approach uses a variety of pedagogical tools - case studies, worked examples and self-test questions, to underpin the student's learning.

The Essence of Artificial Intelligence provides a concise and accessible introduction to the topic for students with no prior knowledge of AI.

Taking a pragmatic approach to the subject, this book de-mystifies and makes AI concrete and transparent. Examples and Algorithms are given throughout and can be sensibly implemented in a range of different languages. Offering a less formal/mathematical treatment of the subject than many of its competitors, The Essence of AI provides an overview of all the key subjects covered in one semester.

1. Introduction.
2. Knowledge Representation and Inference.
3. Expert Systems.
4. Using Search in Problem Solving.
5. Natural Language Processing.
6. Vision.
7. Machine Learning and Neural Networks.
8. Agents and Robots.
AI resources on the web.
  • Concise coverage of the major topics in AI.
  • Simple clear descriptions of key techniques and algorithms.
  • Complete glossary provided.
  • Chapter 3 (Expert Systems) contains 3 case studies which look at the medical expert systems MYCIN, Internist and Pathfinder.