Fundamentals of Internet of Things for Non-Engineers
Technology for Non-Engineers Series

Coordinators: Hammons Rebecca Lee, Kovac Ronald J.

Language: Anglais
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This book provides a comprehensive view of the current fundamentals and the anticipated future trends in the realm of Internet of Things from a practitioner?s point of view. A variety of subject matter experts in these diverse topical areas provide leaders, students, and lay persons with a fresh worldview of the Internet of Things and the background to succeed in related technology decision-making. Real-world case studies enhance the reader?s experience through a review of actual applications of Internet of Things end points and devices to solve business and civic problems along with notes on lessons learned.

Part 1. The Basics of IoT. 1. The Yin and Yang of IoT. 2. IoT System Integration. 3. IoT Positioning in the Verticals. 4. Emerging Wireless Communication. Part 2. IoT Elements and Issues. 5. IoT End Devices. 6. IoT Architecture and Compatibility with Current Infrastructure. 7. Ethics and Policies of IoT. 8. Empowering Older Adults with IoT. 9. Data Analytics with IoT. 10. Redefining Artificial Intelligence through IoT. 11. Launching an IoT Startup. 12. IoT Future Challenges. 13. Security with IoT. 14. Legal Issues with IoT. 15. IoT: A Business Perspective.  Part 3. IoT Case Studies. 16. Agile Development for IoT Applications. 17. Automotive IoT. 18.Butler University Academic Scheduling: A Platform for IoT. 19. Connectible Me. Part 4. IoT Glossary.

University BS/MS students in non-engineering programs who will touch the IoT field in the context of their careers