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Chapter 1-Creating a Worksheet and Charting Data

Project 1A-Create a Worksheet and Chart Data

Objective 1: Create, Save, and Navigate an Excel Workbook

Activity 1.1 Starting Excel and Naming and Saving a Workbook

Activity 1.2 Navigating a Worksheet and a Workbook

Activity 1.3 Selecting Parts of a Worksheet

Objective 2: Enter and Edit Date in a Worksheet

Activity 1.4 Entering Text, Using AutoComplete, Filling a Series with AutoFill, and Using Spelling Checker and Undo to Correct Typing Errors

Activity 1.5 Aligning Text and Adjusting the Size of Columns and Rows

Activity 1.6 Entering Numbers

Activity 1.7 Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns and Using the Insert Options Button

Objective 3: Construct and Copy Formulas, Use the Sum Function, and Edit Cells

Activity 1.8 Constructing a Formula, Using the Sum Function and Editing Numbers in Cells

Activity 1.9 Copying a Formula by Using the Fill Handle

Objective 4: Format Data, Cells, and Worksheets

Activity 1.10 Formatting Financial Numbers, Using Column AutoFit, and Using Format Painter

Activity 1.11 Formatting Text and Using Merge and Center

Objective 5: Close and Reopen a Workbook

Activity 1.12 Closing and Reopening an Existing Workbook

Objective 6: Chart Data

Activity 1.13 Charting Data

Objective 7: Use Page Layout View, Prepare a Worksheet for Printing and Close Excel

Activity 1.14 Changing Views, Creating a Footer and Using Print Preview

Activity 1.15 Deleting Unused Sheets in a Workbook

Activity 1.16 Printing a Worksheet

Activity 1.17 Displaying, Printing, and Hiding Formulas

Project 1B-Perform Calculations and Make Comparisons by Using a Pie Chart

Objective 8: Design a Worksheet

Activity 1.18 Setting Column Widths and Creating Row and Column Titles

Activity 1.19 Entering Data by Range

Objective 9: Construct Formulas for Mathematical Operations

Activity 1.20 Using Arithmetic Operators

Activity 1.21 Copying Formulas Containing Absolute Cell References

Objective 10: Format Percentages and Move Formulas

Activity 1.22 Formatting Cells with the Percent Style Button