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Chapter 1: Creating Documents with Microsoft Word 2007



Objective 1 Create and Save a New Document

Activity 1.1 Starting Word and Identifying Parts of the Word Window

Activity 1.2 Beginning a New Document and Displaying Formatting Marks

Activity 1.3 Entering Text and Inserting Blank Lines

Activity 1.4 Creating Folders for Document Storage and Saving a Document

Objective 2 Edit Text

Activity 1.5 Editing Text with the Delete and Backspace Keys

Activity 1.6 Inserting New Text

Objective 3 Select, Delete, and Format Text

Activity 1.7 Selecting and Deleting Text

Activity 1.8 Changing Font and Font Size and Using Live Preview

Activity 1.9 Adding Emphasis to Text

Objective 4 Print a Document

Activity 1.10 Accessing Headers and Footers

Activity 1.11 Printing a Document

PROJECT 1B Navigation and Tools

Objective 5 Navigate the Word Window

Activity 1.12 Opening and Closing an Existing Document

Activity 1.13 Inserting Existing Text into a New Document

Activity 1.14 Navigating a Document

Activity 1.15 Changing Document Views

Activity 1.16 Using the Zoom Slider

Activity 1.17 Splitting Windows and Arranging Panes

Objective 6 Add a Graphic to a Document

Activity 1. 18 Inserting Clip Art

Objective 7 Use the Spelling and Grammar Checker

Activity 1.19 Checking Individual Spelling and Grammar Errors

Activity 1.20 Checking Spelling and Grammar in an Entire Document

Objective 8 Preview and Print Documents, Close a Document, and Close Word

Activity 1.21 Previewing and Printing a...