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The HP NetServer family of servers are among the industrys leaders. Now, theres a complete guide to installing and managing Windows NT Server on NetServers, and using Windows NT Server on HP hardware alongside HP-UX:Best-selling HP author Marty Poniatowski walks step-by-step through installing NT Server on the HP NetServer -- providing details skipped in nearly all Windows NT books. He then walks NT system administrators step-by-step through their new NT Server environments, covering file system layout and management, system administration tools, tuning, and the Windows NT user environment. Along the way, Poniatowski covers virtually every common NT Server system administration task. The book contains exceptionally detailed coverage of HP-UX/Windows NT interoperability, supporting the growing number of HP shops that are running both OSes. Interoperability chapters cover the X Window System, networking HP-UX and NT, the Advanced Server 9000 running HP-UX, and POSIX commands available on NT Server that HP-UX users may be familiar with.
The Book. The Approach. Examples and Systems. Operating System Releases. Software Supplied with This Book. Conventions Used in the Book. Web Sites. Acknowledgments. Donna Kelly. The Author - Marty Poniatowski. Reviewers. An Overview of My Books. 1. Setting Up Your HP NetServer to Run Windows NT. Example HP Netserver Setup. Netserver Navigator. Step 1 - Review the Readme File. Step 2 - Run Configuration Assistant. Select NOS. Step 3 - Run Installation Assistant. Step 4 - Windows NT Server Setup. Step 5 - Load Windows NT Service Pack. Step 6 - System Disk Configuration. 2. Windows NT File System Layout. Windows NT File System Layout. NTFS and FAT. New Technology File System (NTFS). File Allocation Table (FAT) File System. RAID Levels. Using the Windows NT File Systems. Windows NT Explorer. Viewing Properties with Windows NT Explorer. Attributes (under General Area of Properties). Security (under Properties). Permissions (under Security Area of Properties). Auditing (under Security Area of Properties). 3. Windows NT File System Management. Introduction. Disk Administration Tasks and Windows NT. Disk Administrator. Windows NT Disk Management Terms. Windows NT Disk Administrator. Volume Properties. Create a Partition. Be Careful with Mark Active. Create a Repair Disk. 4. Windows NT System Administration Tools. Windows NT Administration. True for Any Windows NT System Administration Tool. Access to Common Administrative Tools. Control Panel. MS DOS Console. Devices. Network. Networking Commands. Tape Devices - An Example of Using Control Panel. Administrative Tools (Common). Administrative Wizards. Backup. Command Line Backup. Disk Administrator. Event Viewer. Performance Monitor. User Manager for Domains. The Registry. 5. Windows NT Performance Tools. Performance Tools Covered in This Chapter. Windows NT Performance Monitor. Performance Monitor - Charting. Performance Monitor - Proactive with Alerts. Performance Monitor - Logging. Windows NT Task Manager. HP Measureware Agent and PerfView. Microsoft Windows NT Resource Kit. 6. Windows NT User Environment. The Environment in General. Start at the Beginning with Start. 7. Windows NT and HP-UX Interoperability - X Windows. Interoperability Topics. Why the X Window System? X Window System Background. X Server Software. 8. Windows NT and HP-UX Interoperability - Networking. Why Cover Interoperability? TCP/IP Networking Background. Internet Protocol (IP) Addressing. NFS Background. Using Windows NT and HP-UX Networking. File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Other Connection Topics. 9. Windows NT and HP-UX Interoperability - Advanced Server 9000. Windows NT Functionality on HP-UX. Installing Advanced Server 9000 on HP-UX. Sharing a Printer. Sharing a File System. 10. The Windows NT Command Line - NET Commands, POSIX Utilities, and Others. NET Commands. NET ACCOUNTS. NET COMPUTER. NET CONFIG SERVER. NET CONTINUE. NET FILE. NET GROUP. NET HELP. NET HELPMSG. NET LOCALGROUP. NET NAME. NET PAUSE. NET PRINT. NET SEND. NET SESSION. NET SHARE. NET START. NET STATISTICS. NET STOP. NET TIME. NET USE. NET USR. NET VIEW. POSIX Utilities. Additional Commands. Networking Commands. Permissions with cacls. Command Line Backup. Index.