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550 p. · 23.5x18.9 cm · Paperback
Overview of the Internet protocol. Why IPv6. IPv4 limitations and constraints. IPv6 development and features. IPv6 unicast address allocation architecture. IPv6 addressing. IPv6 protocols and addressing considerations. IPv6 performance. Transmitting IPv6 packets over ethernet. ICMPv6 and IPv6. IPv6 security. IPv6 auto configuration. Migration issues. Making the transition to IPv6. Tunneling. More information on IPv6. Advanced sockets for IPv6. Possible alternatives to IPv6.
This book is the hands-on guide to implementing IPv6. It covers IETF standard (Internet Engineering Task Force) , the migration from IPv4 to IPv6 , tunneling and IPv6 (this provides a secure connection over the Internet) , and shows how to do multimedia and multicasting using IPv6.