Practical LPIC-3 300, 1st ed.
Prepare for the Highest Level Professional Linux Certification


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?Gain the essential skills and hands-on expertise required to pass the LPIC-3 300 certification exam. This book provides the insight for you to confidently install, manage and troubleshoot OpenLDAP and Samba. 

Helping you to get started from scratch, this guide is divided into two comprehensive sections covering everything you will need to prepare for the exam. The first section focuses on OpenLDAP and topics including securing the directory, integration with PAM and replication. The second section covers Samba and teaches you about Samba architecture, using different back ends, print services, and deploying Samba as a stand-alone server, PDC, and Active Directory Domain Controller. 

Practical LPIC-3 300 is the perfect study guide for anyone interested in the LPIC-3 300 certification exam, OpenLDAP or Samba.

What You'll Learn

  • Integrate LDAP with PAM and NSS, and with Active Directory and Kerberos
  • Manage OpenLDAP replication and server performance tuning
  • Use Samba as a PDC and BDC
  • Configure Samba as a domain member server in an existing NT domain
  • Use Samba as an AD Compatible Domain Controller
  • Work with Windows clients

Who This Book Is For

This book is for anyone who is preparing for the LPIC-3 300 exam, or those interested in learning about OpenLDAP and Samba in general. 

1. Starting with OpenLDAP

2. Securing the Directory

3. LDAP Integration with PAM and NSS

4. Integrating LDAP with Active Directory and Kerberos

5. OpenLDAP Replication

6. OpenLDAP Server Performance Tuning

7. Starting with Samba

8. Samba Concepts and Architecture

9. Regular Samba Maintenance and Troubleshooting

10. File Services in Samba

11. Linux File System and Share/Service Permissions

12. Print Services

13. Managing User Accounts and Groups

14. Authentication, Authorization and Winbind

15. Samba as a PDC and BDC

16. Configuring Samba as a Domain Member Server in an Existing NT Domain

17. Samba as an AD Compatible Domain Controller

18. Configuring Samba as a Domain Member Server in an Existing AD Domain

19. NetBIOS and WINS

20. Active Directory Name Resolution

21. CIFS Integration

22. Working with Windows Clients

23. Starting with FreeIPA

24. FreeIPA Replication. Adding Clients to the Domain

25. FreeIPA Entity Management

26. FreeIPA Active Directory Integration

27. Network File System

Antonio Vazquez is an IT professional who has been working with Linux for more than a decade. He studied computer engineering at university in Spain, and he currently holds many IT certifications from the main vendors in the industry. At present, he works for a public institution and is in charge of almost a thousand Linux servers spread across the country, providing web services, FTP services, file services, virtualization, and more. He is also the author of Learn CentOS Linux Network Services (Apress, 2016).

Complete preparation for the LPIC-3 300 certification - the highest level professional Linux certification

Provides the reader with all the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle the LPIC-3 300 certification, and to install, manage and troubleshoot OpenLDAP and Samba

No prior knowledge of OpenLDAP or Samba is required