Problem solving with data structures using Java


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512 p. · 17.8x23.5 cm · Hardback
This creative book uses contemporary media and simulations - trees and linked lists of images and music - to make data structures concepts more relatable for today's reader. KEY TOPICS: Objects for Modeling a World, Introduction to Java, Methods in Java: Manipulating Pictures, Objects as Agents: Manipulating Turtles, Arrays: A Static Data Structure for Sounds, Structuring Music using Linked Lists, Structuring Images using Linked Lists, Trees of Images, Lists and Trees for Structuring Sounds, Generalizing Lists and Trees, Abstract Data Types: Separating the Meaning from the Implementation, Circular Linked Lists and Graphs: Lists and Trees That Loop, User Interface Structure, Using an Existing Simulation Package, Introducing UML and Continuous Simulations, Abstracting Simulations: Creating a Simulation Package, Discrete Event Simulation.