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For first course in data structures or an intro to programming courses that want a brief treatment of data structures. This brief book contains all the essential topics of a data structure course. Using C++ as the data implementation language, the text puts the theory of data structures and ADTs in the context of practicle usage. It meets the needs of students who want an overview of the subject and can wait for a more detailed understanding.
1. Data, Types, Structures and References
2. Abstract Data Types (10) - A Draughts Board Example
3. Abstract Data Types (2) - Definitions, Container and Real World ADTs
4. Abstract Data Types (3) - Implementation of ADTs by Dynamic Data
5. The Stack - A Linear ADT based on the Sequence.
6. Recursion
7. The Binary Search Tree - A Recursively Defined ADT
8. Implementing BT-T, higher level operations, and reimplementation of BST-T
9. Searching and Sorting
10. Case Study (1) - The GRAPH-T ADT
11. Case Study (2) - The Turing Machine
  • Contains coverage of all the standard elements of the data structures course, including arrays, and linked lists
  • The approach is based around the theory of data structures, but puts it in context of taking account of the practicalites of demonstration through implementaion
  • Data structures is a compulsory course for all students doing computer science courses.
  • Examples are expressed in C++ which is widely taught as a first programming language, and there is coverage of Java in the final two chapters of the book