The Measure of All Minds
Evaluating Natural and Artificial Intelligence


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553 p. · Hardback
Are psychometric tests valid for a new reality of artificial intelligence systems, technology-enhanced humans, and hybrids yet to come? Are the Turing Test, the ubiquitous CAPTCHAs, and the various animal cognition tests the best alternatives?

In this fascinating and provocative book, José Hernández-Orallo formulates major scientific questions, integrates the most significant research developments, and offers a vision of the universal evaluation of cognition. By replacing the dominant anthropocentric stance with a universal perspective where living organisms are considered as a special case, long-standing questions in the evaluation of behavior can be addressed in a wider landscape. Can we derive task difficulty intrinsically? Is a universal g factor - a common general component for all abilities - theoretically possible?

Using algorithmic information theory as a foundation, the book elaborates on the evaluation of perceptual, developmental, social, verbal and collective features and critically analyzes what the future of intelligence might look like.
- 1. Extended nature
- 2. Mind the step: scala universalis
- 3. The evaluation of human behaviour
- 4. The evaluation of non-human natural behaviour
- 5. The evaluation of artificial intelligence
- 6. The boundaries against a unified evaluation
- 7. Intelligence and algorithmic information theory
- 8. Cognitive tasks and difficulty
- 9. From tasks to tests
- 10. The arrangement of abilities
- 11. General intelligence
- 12. Cognitive development and potential
- 13. Identifying social skills
- 14. Communication abilities
- 15. Evaluating collective and hybrid systems
- 16. Universal tests
- 17. Rooting for ratiocentrism
- 18. Exploitation and exploration.
José Hernández-Orallo is Professor of Information Systems and Computation at the Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain.