The SPARQL Handbook


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This handbook will be the first introduction to someone learning the new query language called SPARQL. The book includes numerous real-life examples which make it easy for the reader to take away ready expressions to software projects they will be working on. The book wil also serve as a reference guide which the reader can revisit when a question arises in using the query language. The handbook: --introduces the context in which SPARQL technology is to be used in software systems, -- explains the data model used with SPARQL technology, -- presents the syntax and semantics of the SPARQL query language, and demonstrates these with many examples, -- covers how a SPARQL protocol can be used to transfer SPARQL queries from client software to SPARQL services (server software), --shows how query results are encoded in wire transmission from the server to the client, --shows how the other Semantic Web technologies such ontologies (OWL, RDFS technologies in particular) can be used with SPARQL query language. --presents a programming interface called SPARQL4J for accessing SPARQL enabled software systems.
SPARQL and the Semantic Web, RDF Data Model and Dataset, SPARQL syntax and semantics, SPARQL result sets, SPARQL protocol, SPARQL and inferencing, SPARQL4J, references, index.
R&D professionals and researchers who are involved in the development of and then the access and search capabilities of the Semantic Web. Eventually, many to most SQL and XML programmers will find knowledge of SPARQL useful, as they work on