Thinking in C++, volume 1 : Introduction to standard C++ with CD-ROM (2nd Ed.)


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814 p. · 16x24 cm · Paperback

In the first edition of Thinking in C++, Bruce Eckel synthesized years of C++ teaching and programming experience into a beautifully structured course in making the most of the language. It became an instant classic, winning the 1995 Software Development Jolt Cola Award for best book of the year. Now, Eckel has thoroughly rewritten Thinking in C++ to reflect the final ANSI/ISO C++ standard. Every page has been revisited and rethought, with many new examples and exercises - all designed to help you understand C++ "down to the bare metal," so you can solve virtually any problem. Eckel starts with a detailed look at objects, showing how C++ programs can be constructed from off-the-shelf object libraries. This edition includes a new, chapter-length overview of the C features that are used in C++ - plus a new CD-ROM containing an outstanding C seminar that covers all the foundations developers need before they can truly take advantage of C++. Eckel then walks through initialization and cleanup, function overloading and default arguments, constants, inline functions, name control, references and the copy constructor, operator overloading, and more. There are chapters on dynamic object creation, inheritance and composition, polymorphism and virtual functions, and templates. (Bonus coverage of string, templates, and the Standard Template Library, can be found at Eckels web site.) Every chapter contains many modular, to-the-point examples, plus exercises based on Eckels extensive experience teaching C++ seminars. Put simply, Eckel has made an outstanding book on C++ even better.

  1. Introduction to Objects
  2. Making &, Using Objects
  3. The C in C++
  4. Data Abstraction
  5. Hiding the Implementation
  6. Initialization &, Cleanup
  7. Function Overloading &, Default Arguments
  8. Constants
  9. Inline Functions
  10. Name Control
  11. References &, the Copy-Constructor
  12. Operator Overloading
  13. Dynamic Object Creation
  14. Inheritance &, Composition
  15. Polymorphism &, Virtual Functions
  16. Introduction to Templates
  17. Library Overview
  18. Strings
  19. I/O Streams
  20. STL Containers &, Iterators
  21. STL Algorithms
  22. Multiple Inheritance
  23. Exception Handling
  24. Run-Time Type Identification
  25. Design Patterns
  26. Tools &, Topics
  • NEW - Coverage of the new ANSI C++ standard - Completely rewritten. Includes comprehensive coverage for the final standard.
  • NEW - A cross-platform multimedia CD-ROM introduction to ANSI C. Brings non-C programmers up to speed with a foundation in C as a preparation for using this C++ book.
  • NEW - Emphasis on the most important and most usable features of C++. Gives students practical advice on how to use the key features of C++ and makes the book a great reference.
  • NEW - Practical advice and common pitfall coverage.
  • NEW - The Standard Template Library. Students learn how to use this time saving feature.
  • One of the most widely praised and accessible presentations of object-oriented programming with C++.
  • Demonstrations of how to step back from coding to conside