CIF and FOB contracts (5th Ed.)


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This work covers all aspects of law and practice relating to CIF and FOB contracts, the two main international shipping contracts. It will help solicitors and barristers advising on disputes arising under these contracts by gathering in one place the basic principles, issues which have been the subject of dispute (with commentary on how the courts dealt with them), and references to useful resources for further research. The new edition includes discussion of recent legislation, in particular the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, recent case law, and new codes such as Incoterms 2000, the GAFTA (2003) forms and The Uniform Custom and Practice for Documentary Credit (UCP 500). Covers all the key issues relevant to FOB/CIF including the most recent changes to statutes and codes. Explains practical issues and discusses difficult areas, with reference to decided cases and commentaries from academics and practitioners. Includes practical tools such as precedents, forms, procedural checklists, and problem scenarios with worked examples of ways to tackle them. Considers the implications of important recent case law such as The Rafaela S, East & West and The Sea Success. International – looks at both the UK market and inherently international codes