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Criminal Investigation is designed to help readers develop an analytical understanding of the investigative process. Assuming no prior knowledge of the field, the book uses an accessible, authoritative style to discuss basic investigative techniques, major types of property and violent crime and the history and future of the field. Unique to this book, it links specific investigative techniques to specific crimes and explains the relationship of criminalistics to the investigative process. This edition retains its overall design, while incorporating new investigative profiles, additional websites, a revised chapter on computer crime and updated techniques and methodology.
Historical Origins of Criminal Investigation. Introduction of basic concepts. The Investigative Method. Note-Taking and Reports. The Crime Scene Focus. Interviewing. Traditional Sources of Information. Computer-Aided Investigations and Computer Crime. Burglary. Robbery. Homicide and Aggravated Assault. Rape and Sexual Offenses. Larceny. Narcotics and Drug Investigations. Youth Gang Investigations. Special Investigations. Suspect Identification. The Investigator in Court. The Future of Criminal Investigation.