Cultivating Copyright
How Creators and Creative Industries Can Harness IP to Survive the Digital Age

Routledge Research in Intellectual Property Series


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Creators and creative industries are struggling to navigate the digital age. Intellectual property rights offer invaluable tools to help creative industries remain viable and sustainable. But they must be considered as part of a greater ecosystem. Cultivating Copyright offers a framework for tailoring flexible strategies and adaptive solutions suited to diverse creative industries. Tailored solutions entail change on four fronts: business models and strategies, legal policies and practices, technological measures, and cultural and normative features. Creating strong creative industries through tailored solutions serves critical functions: promoting varied artistic endeavors and supporting democratic flourishing.

1:  Introduction and The Road Map;  2: Chapter 1: What Is the Problem: Copyright and Creativity In Crisis;  3: Chapter 2: What Is Causing the Problem: Disruptive Innovation;  4: Chapter 3: What Are Creative Industries Afraid Of: Known Risks;  5: Chapter 4: What Should Creative Industries Be Afraid Of, But May Not Be Aware Of: Unseen Risks;  6: Chapter 5: What Doesn’t Work: Focusing Exclusively On Business- or IP-Based Solutions;  7: Chapter 6: What Does Work: Tailoring;  8: Chapter 7: Tailoring Business Models and Strategies;  9: Chapter 8: Tailoring Legal Policies and Practices;  10: Chapter 9: Tailoring Technological Measures;  11: Chapter 10: Tailoring Cultural and Normative Features;  12: Index