Environmental Consulting Fundamentals (2nd Ed.)
Investigation, Remediation, and Brownfields Redevelopment, Second Edition


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Written by an environmental consultant with more than 20 years of experience and based on a course he taught for 10 years, Environmental Consulting Fundamentals: Investigation, Remediation, and Brownfields Redevelopment, Second Edition introduces the basic building blocks of environmental consulting. It emphasizes the thought processes that go into designing an environmental study, interpreting the data, and selecting the next step ? be it further investigation or remediation.

This new edition is revised and updated with regard to recent technological advances and regulatory changes. It covers the latest environmental issues, including emerging contaminants, includes an expanded discussion on ecological investigations and on vapor intrusion investigation and remediation, and adds a new chapter on brownfields redevelopment. It also includes problems and questions to be used for homework assignments or classroom discussions, and provides guidelines that useful for both students and practicing professionals.

A primer for those interested in a career in this dynamic, multidisciplinary field, this is also a handy reference for practicing consultants. Combining theory and practical advice, it provides an accessible introduction to the type of projects you may encounter as an environmental consultant.

Environmental Consulting: A Perspective. What Is Environmental Consulting? Framework of Environmental Regulations. Site Investigations and Remediation. Chemicals of Concern and Their Properties. Fate and Transport in the Subsurface. Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. Site Investigations. Remedial Investigations and Setting Remediation Goals. Remedial Actions. Brownfields Redevelopment. Land Usage and Land Use Studies. Wetlands, Surface Waters, and Endangered Species. Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation. Indoor Environmental Concerns. Asbestos Surveying and Management. Asbestos Abatement. Lead-Based Paint Surveying and Abatement. Drinking Water Testing and Mitigation. Mold Surveying and Remediation. Radon Surveying and Remediation. Indoor Air Quality. The Environmental Project.