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This new edition has been fully revised to include up-to-date coverage of essential issues of the international law of the sea. Covering a number of new and important issues, such as the headline debate of migrant movement across the seas, and the definition of islands in light of the South China Sea Arbitration, it also includes chapters on conservation of marine living resources and biological diversity, protection of the marine environment, and international peace and security at sea, as well as building further on such topics as the impact of climate change on the oceans. A precise and readable book, with many figures and tables, The International Law of the Sea continues to be the best choice for students wanting to understand the law of the sea.
Part I. The Divided Oceans: International Law Governing Jurisdictional Zones: 1. Law of the sea in perspective; 2. Baselines and related issues; 3. Marine spaces under national jurisdiction I: territorial sovereignty; 4. Marine spaces under national jurisdiction II: sovereign rights; 5. Marine spaces beyond national jurisdiction; 6. Maritime delimitation; Part II. Our Common Ocean: Protection of Community Interests at Sea: 7. Conservation of marine living resources; 8. Protection of the marine environment; 9. Conservation of marine biological diversity; 10. Marine scientific research; 11. Maintenance of international peace and security at sea; 12. Land-locked and geographically disadvantaged states; 13. Peaceful settlement of international disputes; 14. Looking ahead; Index.
Yoshifumi Tanaka is Professor of International Law with Specific Focus on the Law of the Sea at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. He is the single author of four books: Predictability and Flexibility in the Law of Maritime Delimitation (2006), A Dual Approach to Ocean Governance (2008), The International Law of the Sea (Cambridge, 2012; 2nd edition, 2015) and The Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes (Cambridge, 2018). He has published widely in the fields of the law of the sea, international environmental law and peaceful settlement of international disputes.