Biochemical and Environmental Bioprocessing
Challenges and Developments

Coordinators: Jerold M, Sivasubramanian V

Language: Anglais
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 This book gives a sound knowledge on management of wastes using various biological techniques. Overall, the theme of this book is to sum up all the available cutting edge technologies for the Environmental pollution management as well as production of valuable products.

  • Algal technology is gaining much attention among the researchers due to its wide application.
  • Includes new engineering initiatives in the development of high throughput bioreactors, efficient separation and purification for bioproducts, and computer-interfaced instrumentation for optimal bioprocess control.
  • Gives extensive knowledge on the importance of Bioprocessing for the Environmental application.
  • Biochemical Engineering aspects will also be discussed in relevance to the context.
Biosorption-an elective strategy for wastewater treatment: An eco-friendly approach, Recent Advancements and Perspectives on Biological Degradation of Azo Dye, Performance analysis of anaerobic digestion of textile dyeing industry effluent in a modified sequential batch reactor, Waste sea shells for biodiesel production – Current status and future perspective, AN INTENSIFIED AND INTEGRATED BIOREFINARY APPROACH FOR BIOFUEL PRODUCTION, Hydrothermal carbonization for valorisation of ricehusk, Production of biofuels from algal biomass, Diffusion limitations in biocatalytic reactions: Challenges and Solutions, Recent advancements and applications of nanotechnology inexpelling heavy metal contaminants from wastewater, Organic Flocculation as an Alternative For Wastewater Treatment, Power production in Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC): Recent progress and Future scope, Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Properties of Cuo Loaded Hydrophobically Modified Chitosans,  Fucoxanthin: Biosynthesis, structure, extraction, characteristics and its application

Dr. Jerold Manuel

Assistant Professor

Department of Biotechnology

National Institute of Technology Warangal

Warangal – 506 004

Telangana State, India

Dr. Jerold Manuel is an Assistant Professor in Department of Biotechnology at National Institute of Technology Warangal, Telangana State, India. Dr. Jerold has immense knowledge in the field of Bioprocessing and Biochemical Engineering. He has Industrial, Teaching and research experience. He works on bunch of research areas like fermentation, Phytoremediation, Biological Wastewater treatment, Biosoprtion, Microbial Fuel Cells, Nanotechnology, Biosurfactant, Biocatayst, Biofuels, and Adsorption of Heavy Metals etc. His research is highly focused on problems related to environmental issues. Especially, on liquid and solid waste management. He has been awarded with research seed money project on Biodiesel Production using Enzymatic Catalyst by National Institute of Technology Warangal. He has identified the macroalgae as feedstock for the production of bioethanol at low cost. He has extensively worked on dye removal using algae for the prospect of textile Industry. He has developed a biocomposite for the removal of dye with maximum Biosorption capacity. Being an interdisciplinary area researcher he is working on hot topics related to Sustainable energy production from Microbial fuel cells, Algal lipid, Biohydrogen from Wastewater and so on. He is also involved in the extraction of various phytochemicals from Algae. In addition to his research, he is involved in teaching for Undergraduate Engineering students. He has handled various subjects related to Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering Bioreactor Design and Analysis, Downstream Processing, Protein Engineering, Bioprocess Heat Transfer, Biofuel Technology and Engineering, Bioprocess Instrumentation, Environmental Biotechnology, Herbal Biotechnology, Introduction to Life science, Engineering Biology, and Transport Phenomena in