Biotransformations & bioprocesses, (Bioprocess technology series, Vol. 28)


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From the laboratory to full-scale commercial production, this reference provides a clear and in-depth analysis of bioreactor design and operation and encompasses critical aspects of the biocatalytic manufacturing process, clarifying principles in reaction and biochemical engineering, synthetic and biotransformation chemistry, and biocell and enzyme kinetics for successful applications of biocatalysis and bioprocess technologies in the food, chiral drug, vitamin, pharmaceutical, and animal feed industries.
Chemical Bonding, Structure and Reaction Dynamics. Enzyme: Structure and Functions. Biotransformations. Experimental Techniques. Frontiers in Biotransformations. Enzyme and Biocell Kinetics. Fermentation. Reactor Engineering. Stirred Bioreactors. Tower Bioreactors. Introduction to Downstream Processing. Industrial Examples. Waste Treatment. Scale-up of Biochemical Processes. Index.