Clarke's analysis of drugs and poisons (2 Volumes) (4th Ed.)


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Clarke's Analysis of Drugs and Poisons is the definitive source of analytical data for drugs and poisons. Written by over 40 international experts, the resource also boasts an editorial advisory board of over 45 world renowned scientists. This reference work has been completely revised and updated for the new edition, and comprises two volumes. The book is essential for all forensic and clinical toxicologists, pathologists, hospital pharmacists, pharmaceutical analysts, clinical pharmacologists, clinical and forensic laboratories, and poison information centres.
Volume one. Part one: methodology and analytical techniques. Contains 44 chapters by leading international scientists covering the practice areas and analytical procedures used in toxicology. Volumes two. Parts two and three: analytical and toxicological data. Contains 2111 drug and poison monographs detailing physical properties, analytical methods, pharmacokinetic data and toxicity data. Part four: Indexes to analytical data. This part contains indexes of analytical data, including all data for colour tests, chromatography, ultraviolet spectrophotometry, infrared spectrometry and mass spectrometry.