Engineered Geothermal Systems


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Engineered Geothermal Systems (EGS) technology is expected to increase global geothermal power generation capacity and contributes to greater emission reduction worldwide by providing stable base-load power to industries and households. This book summarizes the current knowledge (and knowledge gaps) regarding the latest research in the field of EGS. It provides overviews of H2O-based and CO2-based EGS technologies and their latest developments, reservoir engineering issues related to EGS, updated research and development of hybrid EGS systems, and the regulations, economics, and environmental impacts of EGS technology.

Introduction. Overview of Engineered Geothermal System. Overview of Reservoir Engineering issues. Thermal Engineering Aspects of EGS. Conventional EGS. CO2 Thermosiphon. Hybrid Solar-EGS system. Hybrid Fossil-fuel EGS system. Future Directions.